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Dr Steve Gurney

  • Departmental Director of Academic Tutoring & Disability Officer
  • Undergraduate Teaching: Geomorphology; Geomorphological Hazards; Glacial & Periglacial Geomorphology.
  • Periglacial and permafrost geomorphology and sedimentology
  • Glacial geomorphology and sedimentology
  • Nival geomorphology and hydrology
  • Quaternary mid-latitude permafrost and periglacial environments
  • The history of mountain glaciers since the Little Ice Age
  • Karst geomorphology and hydrology

The Okstindan Research Project has a Research Station ('Okstindhytta') located in the mountainous Okstindan area of northern Norway. The Project has been running for over 30 years and the station has provided a base for teaching and research for the whole of this period. Steve is currently the administrator of the station. Read more about Okstindan.

Dr Gurney also holds the position of 'Docent in cold climate geomorphology' at the University of Turku, Finland.

Earlier Publications

White, K., Livingstone, I., Gurney, S., Dearing, J., and Bateman, M. (2002) Post-processing of mineral mixture maps for mapping surficial materials: the example of the Matmata loess, southern Tunisia. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 23, 3091-3106.

Gurney, S.D. (2001): Aspects of the genesis and geomorphology and terminology of palsas: perennial cryogenic mounds. Progress in Physical Geography 25, 249-260.

Gurney, S D (2000) Relict cryogenic mounds in the UK as evidence of climate change. In McLaren, S J and Kniveton, D R (Editors) Linking climate change to land surface change (Kluwer), 209-229.

Gurney S D (1998) Aspects of the genesis and geomorphology of pingos: perennial permafrost mounds. Progress in Physical Geography 22, 307-324.

Gurney S D, James H C L & Worsley P (1998) The nature of Last Glacial periglaciation in the Channel Islands. Geoscience in south-west England 9, 250-254.

Gurney S D & Worsley P (1997) A discussion of pingos in Mellemfjord, Disko, central west Greenland. Geografisk Tidsskrift 97, 154-156.

Gurney S D & Worsley P (1997) Genetically complex and morphologically diverse pingos in the Fish Lake area of south west Banks Island, N.W.T., Canada. Geografiska Annaler 79A, 41-56.

Gurney S D & Worsley P (1996) Relict cryogenic mounds at Owlbury, near Bishops' Castle, Shropshire. Mercian Geologist 14, 14-21.

Worsley P & Gurney S D (1996) Geomorphology and hydrogeological significance of the Holocene pingos in the Karup Valley area, Traill Island, northern east Greenland. Journal of Quaternary Science 11, 249-262.

Worsley P, Gurney S D & Collins P E F (1995) Late Holocene 'mineral palsas' and associated vegetation patterns: a case study from Lac Hendry, Northern Qu'bec, Canada and significance for European Pleistocene thermokarst. Quaternary Science Reviews 14, 179-192.

Gurney S D (1995) A reassessment of the relict Pleistocene "pingos" of west Wales: hydraulic pingos or mineral palsas? Quaternary Newsletter 77, 6-16.


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