Environmental Science Research Division

Researchers in the CaucasusThe Environmental Science Research Division (ESRD) aims to gain improved understanding of how the environment works, including:

  • The evolution, dynamics and interactions of its components (rocks and sediments, soil, vegetation, fresh and marine waters),
  • The interplay between people and the environment in the past, present and future.

ESRD comprises members of the department of Geography and Environmental Science within the . It forms part of the University's Environment theme.

We conduct Environmental Science in the widest sense (e.g. in-depth process-based laboratory, field-based and modelling studies), with core interests in:

  • Soil Science;
  • Hydrology;
  • Biogeochemistry;
  • Ecology;
  • Meteorology
  • Climate Science (including palaeoclimate);
  • Landscapes and Landforms
  • Earth Observation.

We work with other disciplines on societal-environment interactions, thereby addressing questions of sustainability and policy and practice, with particular emphasis on:

  • Food security
  • Water security
  • Extreme weather
  • Environmental pollution

Due to the interdisciplinary nature of our work we actively collaborate with a wide range of Schools within the University: Biological Sciences, Agriculture, Policy and Development, Chemistry, Food Biosciences & Pharmacy Mathematics, Meteorology and Physics and a large number of external research organisations e.g.:


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