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Erasmus exchange students disembarking from a dinghy in NorwayOur undergraduate degree courses cover a range of world issues from landscape ecology to climatology and the global economy to work, employment and development. Career planning is built into the courses and you will gain valuable transferable skills in IT and team working. You will also have the opportunity to study abroad for 3 months via the Erasmus and Study Abroad Scheme.

Each of the degrees will prepare you for a broad range of careers. Our Environmental Science and Environmental Science with Professional Experience BSc programmes are accredited by the Institution of Environmental Sciences

Environmental Science

Our Environmental Science degrees look at the physical, chemical and biological parts of the Earth System, how they interact and change through time as well as the impact of human activity on the Earth

and our extended masters level course

The first two years of all these programmes are the same.


Geography affects all our lives, in ways ranging from global problems of territorial conflict or climate change to local issues of social deprivation or water pollution. We offer the following courses:

All 3 years full-time.

All these Programmes can be extended by a year to include an optional Year of Professional Experience or a Year of Study Abroad.

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