Staff Profile:Dr Filippo Menga

Dr Filippo Menga
Job Title:
Associate Professor
Human Geography Research Cluster Leader
Areas of Interest:
  • Political Geography
  • Political Ecology
  • Transboundary Waters
  • The Anthropocene and the everyday 
  • Manufactured scarcity
  • Nationalism

PhD Supervision

Filippo is keen on supervising research students and post-doctoral researchers on the following topics:

  • The political geography of water
  • Socionatural scarcity
  • The shifting temporalities of the Anthropocene, climate change and the everyday
  • The construction of rivers as unique spatial entities
  • The spatial situatedness of politics and the political
  • Critical approaches to the water-energy nexus and the notion of sustainability
  • The interplay between nation-building and geopolitics
Research groups / Centres:

Human Geography Research Cluster

Key Facts:

Dr Filippo Menga carries out interdisciplinary research exploring the interplay between humans and the environment. His research draws on political ecology, political geography, and critical geography to advance an innovative approach to the study of water politics, particularly in relation to hydraulic infrastructure, thus developing three main and interrelated themes. The first theme relates to issues of scale, our understanding of the 'political', and the tensions between physical and 'manufactured' water scarcity. The second looks at how nationalism studies and matters related to the formation of a national identity can provide an explanation of water conflicts at the global level. The third theme focuses on global water governance, global water networks and critical sustainability studies. In addition to the above, Dr Menga's research also engages with posthumanism and assemblage thinking, to explore the ways in which the Anthropocene is troubling humanity's understanding and perception of temporality and the ways in which we come to terms with socio-ecological change.

Dr Menga joined the University of Reading in 2017 as a Lecturer and was appointed Associate Professor in Human Geography in 2019. He holds a Ph.D. in International Studies awarded by the University of Cagliari (2014) and prior to joining the University of Reading he was awarded a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Individual Fellowship at the Department of Geography of the University of Manchester, where he carried out the project "Dam-nations? A study on dams, nation-building and transboundary water relations through case studies from Ethiopia and Tajikistan" (DAM-NET, 2015-2017, €183,455). He has also held research and teaching positions at Oxford Brookes University, Tallinn University, the University of St Andrews, and King's College London. Prior to his doctoral studies, he worked, among others, as a UN Fellow for the United Nations Regional Centre for Preventive Diplomacy for Central Asia (UNRCCA) in Ashgabat, Turkmenistan.

Dr Menga is also Associate Editor at Political Geography, he sits on the editorial board of Studies in Ethnicity and Nationalism, and regularly acts as a reviewer for a range of academic journals and research organisations.

In 2018 he was awarded the Scopus Early Career Researcher UK Award 2018 (Elsevier/US-UK Fulbright Commission) in recognition of outstanding research in Social Sciences. More information can be found at


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