Staff Profile:Dr Andrea Ficchi

Dr Andrea Ficchi
Job Title:
Post-Doctoral Research Assistant-- Extended- range Flood Forecast Researcher
  • Researcher for the FATHUM project, Work Package 1 “Science to Support Forecast-based Financing”: Research on Extended-range Flood Forecasting for Early-Warning systems and Forecast-based Action in Africa.
  • SHEAR research programme - Early Career Scientist (ECS): building up a collaboration network across ECS (SHEAR) partners and multidisciplinary research on Disaster Risk Reduction.
Areas of Interest:
  • Flood forecasting and hydrological modelling
  • Forecast-based early warning and anticipatory humanitarian action
  • Climate teleconnections and flood risk
  • African hydrology and climate
  • Ensemble hydrometeorological forecasting
  • Evaluation of the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS)
  • Catchment hydrology
  • Water resources management/optimal control under uncertainty
Research groups / Centres:

Environmental Science Research Division



FATHUM – “Forecasts for Anticipatory Humanitarian Action” – is a NERC / DFID project funded under the “Science for Humanitarian Emergencies and Resilience” (SHEAR) research programme.

Key Facts:

Andrea is a postdoctoral researcher working with the FATHUM project team to coproduce collaborative research to support the successful implementation and scale-up of Forecast based Financing. He joined the Water@Reading research group at the University of Reading (Dept. of Geography and Environmental Science) in 2017, just after completing his PhD in hydrology at IRSTEA (Catchment Hydrology research group) and at the University Pierre and Marie Curie (Paris, France).

His postdoctoral research is undertaken closely with the European Centre for Medium-range Weather Forecasts (ECMWF) and the Global Flood Awareness System (GloFAS) team.

He is currently working on two main research questions for FATHUM: (i) analysing the impact of large-scale climate patterns (teleconnections) on flood risk in Africa, by using global climatological reanalysis and river flow reconstructions, and (ii) evaluating the predictability and skill of operational forecasts from the GloFAS system by ECMWF and JRC (partners of the project).

Andrea has the career goal of sharing and developing his expertise in flood forecasting, catchment hydrological modelling, and water resources planning and management, for improving the resilience of vulnerable communities to water-related disasters.

Previously, he studied Environmental Engineering at the Polytechnic University of Milan (Italy). Then, he worked and studied as an hydrological modeller in France, first, by using ensemble hydrological forecasts for the Seine River reservoirs management (ClimAware project), and, then, by developing hydrological models used for flood forecasting (PhD funded by IRSTEA and SCHAPI – the French National Hydrometeorological and Flood Forecasting Center). Currently, he wishes to learn more about forecasting climate extremes, teleconnections, and Disaster-Risk Management. You can follow Andrea on Twitter: @andrea_ficchi

PhD in Hydrology (UPMC, Paris, France)
MSc (cum laude) in Environmental Engineering (Politecnico di Milano, Italy)


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