British TV Drama and Acquired US Programmes 1970-2000 (2005-2008)

Description of the project

Publications from the project

Description of the project

This research project ran from 2005-8, funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council. It was led by Professor Jonathan Bignell, working with Dr Elke Weissmann and Dr Simone Knox in the Centre for Television Drama Studies. The project studied how the import of television fiction programmes from the USA into Britain in the 1970-2000 period affected the ways that British television drama was planned, made and received. The acquisition of British programmes for screening on US television was compared and contrasted with this. The research combined a critical overview of this issue with case studies that analysed specific programmes, or debates such as questions of quality, genre or audience address. The researchers used close analysis of recordings and archival sources in the UK and USA, and published their work in academic journals and books. The international conference Television Without Borders was held in June 2008, preceded by two one-day symposia attended by academics, programme-makers and commentators on British and US television.

For further information about the research project contact Jonathan Bignell.

Publications from the project

Where a publication has a hyperlink, a complete text or an abstract can be downloaded from the University of Reading's research repository, CentAUR.

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