Taste and Aroma Analysis

Coloured containersVolatile flavour compounds:

  • Rapid analysis of flavourings and essential oils
  • Flavour profiling of foods and beverages
  • Formation of aroma compounds during processing
  • Maillard reaction products
  • Monitoring formation of off-notes during storage 
  • Taint analysis

Non-volatile compounds

  • Quantification of amino acids and sugars
  • Analysis of Maillard reaction intermediates
  • Analysis of ribonucleotides (e.g., IMP, GMP)
  • Identification/quantification of polyphenols
  •         e.g. cocoa and tea flavanols
  • Quantification of specific compounds
  •         e.g. vanillin, maltol, trichloroanisole, geosmin, skatole, benzpyrenes (PAHs)
  •          chlorogenic acids, alkaloids, artificial sweeteners


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