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Keeping your technical staff at the forefront of a demanding field like flavour chemistry isn't a luxury for food businesses - it is essential to your competitive strategy. The Flavour Centre can offer you tailored training courses, for delivery in-house, at Reading or at a place convenient for your staff. Our experienced presenters offer training and CPD in all aspects of flavour chemistry, using a combination of lectures, practicals and workshops. Where appropriate, we can also bring in other leading experts to deliver on specific topics of interest.

In May each year, the British Society of Flavourists (BSF) together with Reading University provides a flavourist training course for junior flavourists. For more details, Food Biosciences Flavourist Training Course

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To find out more about our training services for business contact Dr Jane K Parker:

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Comment on one of our flavour chemistry courses "[Y]ou set new standards in scientific training for the industry [with] perfect organisation, balance of theoretical and practical lectures, university envirionment and enthusiasm." - A Mars employee


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