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All our interview days this year are virtual – but they are still a great opportunity for you to meet staff and current students. 

Close up of undergraduate students making notes on their knees in a theatre workshop

How will the interview day work? 

Your remote sessions will take place via Microsoft Teams, which is the platform the University uses for remote communication. There is an optional question and answer (Q&A) session at the start of the day followed by two key sessions: 

  • an online workshop, in which you join a small group (led by a lecturer) to discuss screen texts and performance (around 40 minutes)
  • a one-to-one chat, where we find out more about you, your interests and your experiences (around 10–15 minutes).

What is the intended schedule for the interview day?

10:00–10:30: Q&A session. This is an optional session open to both candidates and parents/guardians.

10:30–11:15: Online workshop. All candidates are required to attend the online workshop.

12:30–15:30: Individual remote interviews. All candidates are required to attend an individual remote interview.

What do I need to prepare?

You don’t need to prepare anything for the workshop.

For the one-to-one chat, please be prepared to talk about a piece of film, online theatre or television that you have seen recently. You should be able to talk in detail about one scene or moment you found interesting, with a focus on the storytelling and the creative choices made (such as camerawork, editing, sound, lighting, staging, performance style, as appropriate). 

Who should I contact if I have further queries?

Shortly before your interview day, you will receive an email from the Department with details of how to log on for your sessions. 

If you have any other queries before the interview day, please contact

For further information about our programmes and about studying in the Department of Film, Theatre & Television, please visit our courses page. 

We look forward to meeting you at one our interview days soon!