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Internal mail

All Customers

Our staff and vehicles collect from and deliver to specific points around the University throughout the day. Circulating internal mail is sorted and prepared for distribution as soon as it arrives in the post room ready for delivery on the next round. Mail can be collected at any time from the Whiteknights House basement sorting hub if you need it before the next scheduled delivery. Please telephone 7302 to confirm your item is here beforehand.

How to use internal mail

  • To ensure prompt delivery, please make sure you clearly address your mail. Always include a building name and use room numbers where possible. Avoid ambiguities in addresses by not including the School or Department where these are likely to be predominantly associated with a particular building that is not the intended destination.
  • You can find University addresses in Section A of the Calendar. Items going to the same address should be bundled using an elastic band.
  • If you are reusing an envelope, ensure you have deleted all previous addresses.
  • Place take all items to the mail collection area in your building. Alternatively, you can bring your mail directly to the post room. Staff in Whiteknights house can also place their internal mail in the mail chute in the lift lobby of each floor (not to be used for external mail, bundles or heavy/bulky items).
  • When organising a bulk internal mailing please always prepare it in Departmental bundles/boxes. The easiest way to do this is to order your address label print-outs in Departmental order and then keep them that way. If you manage your own database/spreadsheet for this purpose, it is as easy as setting the sort order before you print. If we receive any large unsorted internal mailing it will be put aside and sorted gradually. All other mail will be sorted as it comes in before we go back to any bulk unsorted items and all other Postal Services work will be given priority over them.

Our collection and delivery timetable

We collect from and deliver to all collection points across the University at least once a day according to the schedule below.

Postal Services collect and deliver all mail only as far as the designated building delivery points. For information about these please check with your assigned Building Services Officer.

Please note, scheduled morning delivery times after 10.00 are nominal. These rounds will begin after Royal Mail deliveries have been sorted.

Agriculture 10:08 15:33
Art 10:11 15:37
Blackwell (inside Union) 11:09
Blandford Lodge 11:00 14:52
Bridges Hall 15:30
Carrington 11:04 15:46
Chancellors Building 10:56 14:48
Chaplaincy 10:25
Chemistry 10:19 15:10
CPU 10:07
Edith Morley Building (G24a) 10:01 14:38 16:18
Estates 11:15 15:54
Exams* 10:41 15:15
Foxhill 11:13 15:50
Greenlands* 12:34
Hall Farm (Arborfield) 09:25
Harry Nursten Building 10:22 15:13
Health & Life Sciences* 10:09 15:03
Henley Business School 11:20 16:00
Hopkins 10:16 15:08
ICMA 11:17 15:57
IOE reception 09:21 15:17
IT Services 10:32 15:20
JJ Thomson Building 10:29 15:17
Knight 10:57 15:38
Library 10:48 14:45
Lyle/Harborne 10:11 15:06
Maths 10:31 15:19
Medical Centre 16:06
Meteorology 10:33 15:47
Miller 10:51 14:55
Minghella Studios 10:59 15:41
MERL 09:35 15:14
Old Whiteknights House 10:06 14:34 16:14
Palmer 11:01 15:43
Park House 10:44 14:43
Polly Vacher Building 10:34 15:22
Psychology/ESSC 10:35 15:50
Reading Enterprise Centre 10:29 15:45
RSSL 10:14
Russell Building 10:58 14:50
Science & Technology Centre (NHS - Erlegh House) 10:31
Sherfield Hall for Northcourt Group 16:10
St Georges, includes Wantage 15:25
Sports Hall 11:03 16:02
Students' Union 11:07
TVSP (Shinfield) - Gateway Building 09:29
TOB1 10:09 15:35
Typography TOB2 10:28 13:13 15:43
Wager 10:53 14:57
Windsor for Park Group 15:52
Whiteknights House 10:00 14:55
Exams - during lead up to exam periods, this delivery includes printing from Reprographics and will be at a slightly later time (approximately 15mins).
Health & Life Sciences - from opening
Greenlands - Wednesday only
All morning delivery times are nominal. Rounds will begin after Royal Mail deliveries have been sorted.
Did you know...

that Postal Services process and deliver up to 10,000 items of internal mail a day?

Contact us

Internal mail enquiries

  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)118 378 7302

External mail and personal mail enquiries

  • Telephone:
    +44 (0)118 378 6530