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Professor Janet Enever – University of Reading

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Professor Janet Enever

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Visiting Professor

Janet teaches the following modules:

  • LSMYL: Teaching Young Learners


Professor of Language Teaching and Learning , Umeå University, Sweden 2011-2017 (with responsibilities including research leadership in field of language education, supervision of PhD students; teaching at undergraduate, masters and PhD level in fields of language education, research methods, early language learning and language and globalisation.)

Coordinator, AILA Special Interest Group for research on early language learning, 2015-2017,

Series editor: Early language learning in school contexts, Multilingual Matters

Areas of Interest

Janet's current research interests include the impact of globalisation on English language teaching, the politics of primary foreign language policy, primary EFL/FL teaching and learning, language teacher education and the significance of language skills for career opportunities.

Janet currently participates in the following research studies:

Co-researcher in nationally funded research project (Sweden): What doors can languages open?

Nordplus funded project (Nordic / Baltic region) 'Developing early foreign language learning and teaching in the Nordic / Baltic context'

She is also a member of the UK-based network for Research in Primary Languages (RIPL)

Janet has contributed as an expert adviser for early language policy planning in schools across a range of countries including: Kosovo, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, France, Colombia and Uruguay.

During the years 2007-2010 Janet coordinated a European Commission funded transnational longitudinal study of early language learning across seven countries. Results were evaluated by the Eurydice unit as likely to "make a substantial contribution to streamlining efforts in Early Language Learning policies across the European Union".

Research groups / Centres

Centre for Literacy and Multilingualism

Applied Linguistics Research Group


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Bachelor of Education (primary), University of Brighton, UK
(1986); MA English Language in Education, London University
(1992); Post-graduate Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language, Cambridge/ UCLES
(1995); Doctor of Education (EdD), Bristol University (2001). Discipline: Language Education Policy.


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