The mentoring landscape at the University of Reading

The University of Reading is host to some 23 schemes (at the time of the University Mentoring Project survey in November 2013). These schemes vary considerably in terms of the overall aims of the scheme and the types of mentors and mentees used. The link on the right provides a list of all these schemes with some useful detail about them.


Over half of the schemes available at the University focus on easing the transition to university, retaining students and improving the student experience, including buddy schemes such as those in Pharmacy and Psychology, and academic support schemes such as the Academic Skills Know-how (ASK) scheme and the Classics Peer Assisted Learning Scheme.

Around 10% of schemes provide specific mental health or emotional support including some of the Disability Advisory Service run schemes.

There are alumni/employer mentoring schemes for Film Theatre and TV, the Reading Real Estate Foundation and for the Henley MBA in addition to the mentoring offered by the three PGCE courses.

There are two schemes run by external organisations.

Finally, around 10% of schemes focus on student recruitment, typically with a widening participation remit. Such recruitment schemes include Reading Scholars and Pathways to Property.

However, the landscape is an ever changing picture as schools and departments decide to try to harness the benefits of mentoring for their students. A recent addition has been the Theatre, Arts, Education and Deaf Studies (TAEDS) mentoring scheme.

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