Running mentoring schemes

Running mentoring schemes can be challenging and time consuming, but extremeClipboardly rewarding. Not all scheme organisers are members of University staff, some are external organisations and some are students. Organising a mentoring scheme is a big responsibility, but for student organisers it can provide a unique opportunity for self-development and to give something back to the University.

This section is designed to: help scheme organisers to forge closer connections, set up new schemes, benchmark their schemes against others and reflect on the performance and features of their schemes against best practice guidelines. The links below provide insights into best practice and related resources from within the University of Reading and beyond.

The Mentoring and Befriending Foundation offers an Approved Quality Standard which consists of ten key attributes, under four headings, that schemes have to abide by in order to be accredited.

The link to the right presents an advisory list of actions for scheme organisers to consider when creating a new mentoring scheme. They can also be used as a tool to review currently running schemes at the University

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