Where can I use peer assessment?

Students discussing peer assessment in a cafe on campusPeer assessment can potentially be used in any context, for example to assess posters, reports, oral presentations, essays and performances produced as either individual or group work. In order to use peer assessment in a given situation, you'll need to clearly define and shape the assessment criteria with your students. Peer assessment often lends itself to more quantitative forms of assessment, such as problem sheets and lab reports, but it can also be used in qualitative assignments.

An example of using peer assessment for essays can be found on page 11 in A Briefing on Assessment of Large Groups (PDF 205KB) by Chris Rust, published by the LTSN Generic Centre (now the Higher Education Academy).

Nancy Falchikov (2007) has identified a checklist of features to identify situations in which peer assessment is appropriate. These include those that are intended to promote learning; those that require students to take on responsibility for their learning; and those that allow students to find and use standards and criteria1.


  1. Falchikov, N. (2007). In: Rethinking Assessment in Higher Education (Boud, D. & Falchikov, N.), pp. 128-144. Abingdon. Routledge.

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