Seeing the bigger assessment picture

Horticulture students examining leaves in a glasshouseA common criticism of students is that they often approach each assessment (and its associated feedback) as an individual 'entity' and don't always see the learning and developmental links between assessments. Modularisation hasn't helped this and so we often encounter students who fail to understand the threads between different modules, even those that are being studied concurrently. Ironically though, you may find that you're actually designing your assessments in isolation without considering the ways in which your students have been, or are being assessed, in other modules. In an ideal world you should consider a more holistic approach to assessment design  to ensure an appropriate range and levels of assessments are being used within and across modules/a degree programme. Tools that can help with this planning include the Module skills mapping tool (XLS 2MB) and the Higher Education Academy UK Centre for Bioscience Assessment Audit Tool (PDF 190KB) [links to external site].

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