Why is assessment important?

Learn more about this website and how engaging students with assessment can benefit their learning by promoting Assessment for Learning.

Assessment design

Find out how to design assessments to improve student learning, the things you need to take into account during planning, how to design out plagiarism and more.

Peer and self-assessment

See the benefits of introducing peerand self-assessment and learn how to introduce it to your modules.

Assessing large numbers
of students

Large groups pose their own challenges when it comes to assessment. Discover the different approaches you can take to tackle assessment of large groups

  Using technology

Learn how technology can be used to manage and deliver assessment and what you need to bear in mind when designing assessment for technological delivery.

Different ways to assess
your students

Find out why diversifying assessment can be useful, the benefits and challenges different forms can presents and what different methods are available.

Search the resource database

Search our database for case studies, journal papers, and articles covering subject specific and generic aspects of assessment.

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