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Britain and the wider world is characterised by a comparative approach, which looks beyond the 'three Kingdoms' to both Europe and the Atlantic world. Its main interests are themes rather than narrowly defined geographical areas, in particular the making and transformation of early modern Britain and Europe, through both internal and external intellectual, cultural and political influences. In this approach early modern Britain is considered as part of a Northern European world, which includes the Atlantic and which is much wider than the New British History (ies) considers. Historiographically it straddles different traditions, most notably intellectual, migration and Atlantic history.

Areas of research:

The Enlightenment and the Republic of LettersNews from the Republick of Letters - Dr Esther Mijers



William Carstares. A Political and Intellectual Biography

This project will research the career of the Rev. William Carstares, one of King William III's most important advisors on Scottish ecclesiastical and political affairs, and write his long overdue biography, taking into account the domestic and diasporic aspects of his career.


Europeanising the 'British' Atlantic

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This project addresses the concept
of the 'British' Atlantic in the seventeenth century. It is concerned with (1) the Europeanisation of the Atlantic, in particular
the role played by (i) British, or Scottish, as opposed to English; (ii) European; (iii) non-national groups, and (2) the importance of the Caribbean and Central America as an area of European competition regarding ideas and practices of empire.



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