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 Welcome to Off The Wall, the window to the Archive's holdings! Our blog presents samples of the diverse resources held in EGSA. Blog entries are based on student work and showcase some of the materials as well as ways of working with them.

Sputnik Magazine (25 October 2018)

Uncovering East Germany's English voice (7 June 2019)

English language publishing: a tool of GDR foreign policy (18 July 2019)

Teaching the Archive: Student project in the East German Studies archive 2018-19 (25 July 2019)

What we have in the archive: 1 (1 August 2019)

What we have in the archive: 2 (29 August 2019)

What we have in the archive: 3 (5 September 2019)

30 years ago: popular protest changing history

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