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The Learning Hub

The Learning Hub houses the Teaching Resource Base (TRB), Reference Library (RL) the National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL) and Archive (NCLLA) and the Technical Support Area (TSA)

Teaching Resource Base (TRB)

TRB has a wide range of useful resources to aid teaching and lesson planning, including a wide selection of children's literature, Big Books, puppets, posters, etc, all of which are available for short term loan. 

Copies of the National Curriculum and other related documents are stored here and can be used in The Hub

There are facilities for private study with WiFi available for students to use their own laptops.

Photocopying is available here - black and white 6p for A4 & A3 and colour 30p.

Two ITS PC are available for student use and for sending work to the Print Release Station, also in The Hub, or to other University PRS.

The staff have a wealth of knowledge on the resources available and are very happy to help.

Staff may be contacted via email to p.a.rolph@reading.ac.uk and k.e.goulding@reading.ac.uk 

 or telephone 0118 378 2702/ 2718.TRB Maths Stand Banner


Reference Library (RL)

Our education reference library contains a collection of publications on all aspects of education and educational practice.

Books are available for students and teachers to use while at the Learning Hub.

National Centre for Language and Literacy (NCLL)

NCLL displays a comprehensive range of reading schemes and resources for a wide range of curriculum areas and books to support specific needs.

The NCLL collection, of over 10,000 trade and education publications, published during the last 3 years, are not for loan but for reference only.

NCLL has an open door policy for Reading University students.

National Centre for Language and Literacy Archive (NCLLA)

The National Centre for Language and Literacy Archive (NCLLA) holds a unique collection of historical materials on education related specifically to the origins of NCLL.

Please speak to our staff if you would like access.

Technical Support Area (TSA)

The technical area offers a range of services including submission binding and laminating. Top-up cards for the Print Release Station (£3) are also available.

There is also a small stock of stationery and art materials for sale.

Digital cameras, flip video cameras, digital voice recorders and other equipment are available for short term loan.

The Resources Technician can be contacted via e mail c.tibbenham@reading.ac.uk or telephone 0118378 2717.

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Contact us

Learning Hub

Karen Goulding

Tel:0118 378 2702

Learning Hub Assistant:

Anne Rolph

Tel: 0118 378 2718

Please email both contacts above.

Technical Support:  

Chris Tibbenham

Tel: 0118 378 2717

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Technical Support Area:

MON 08:45-17:15


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However, the Technician is 'on call' and may not always be available.



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