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Marina Della Giusta

Professor Marina Della Giusta
  • Convenor Introductory Microeconomics and History of Economic Thought

Areas of interest

Behavioural and labour economics, with particular focus on gender, stigma and social norms. Recent research focusses on bias (conscious and unconscious), interventions to redress disadvantage in education, the evolution of gender preferences and their role in individual and collective outcomes, and the use of both big social data and board games to understand economic behaviour.

Postgraduate supervision

Gender norms, gender and diversity in education and labour markets, policy evaluation


I am a Professor of Economics at the University of Reading, which I joined after my doctorate in 2001. I was the Head of Department from 2013 to 2016 and is now the Deputy Chair of the CHUDE committee of the Royal Economic Society and a member of both the Women Committee and the Communications and Engagement Committee, where I am promoting initiatives surrounding both the communication and teaching of economics and the advancement of women in the profession, within and outside academia.

I am involved in evaluation and advisory boards for the European Commission, advises corporates on diversity issues and has been involved in the evaluation of the international development and projects (UN-Inter-American Development Bank, UN-ECLAC), of government policy in the UK (Home Office) and of regional policy. She has given various academic and public talks, and regularly collaborates with national and international media.

Awards and honours

  • Horizon2020 IN-HABIT (2020-2025) - (inclusive Health and wellbeing in small and medium size cities). CI and Workpackage Leader WP6 Enabling behaviour change with a focus on gender and diversity. Four peripheral small and medium size cities (SMSCs) - Cordoba (Spain), Riga (Latvia), Lucca (Italy) and Nitra (Slovakia) - will take the leadership to develop the needed innovation actions to foster Inclusive Health and Wellbeing (IHW) in SMSCs with a focus on gender and diversity. IN-HABIT visionary solutions consist on the innovative mobilisation of existing undervalued resources to increase IHW (culture, food, human-animal bonds and environment), combining cultural, digital, nature based and social innovations in selected urban public spaces.
  • Pearson Publishing, Contrasting Unconscious Bias in Education (CUBE) (2020-2022) Design, implement and evaluate via randomised control trial a programme of unconscious bias training for primary school teachers in four countries (UK, Germany, Italy and Spain, with 300 teachers and 1000 students per country)
  • Rebuilding Macroeconomics - Assessing the Impact of REG on Academic Macroeconomics (2020) The project seeks to establish how the Research Excellence Framework (REF) exercise affects the production of knowledge in macroeconomics, whether the REF create a monoculture of ideas and what is the impact of the REF on career incentives, particularly for young scholars.


Professional bodies/affiliations

  • IZA Fellow
  • Visiting Professor University of Turin
  • Visiting Fellow Collegio Carlo Alberto


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