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Dr Stephen Jury


My teaching remit covers diverse areas of systematics including lectures and courses on: herbarium management and methods, the flora of Great Britain and Ireland, plant identification, economic botany, Mediterranean botany and a field course in S.E. Spain.

Research interests:
These include: European & Mediterranean floristics, especially Spain and Morocco; taxonomy and nomenclature of European, Mediterranean and horticultural plant groups, with special reference to Umbelliferae, Labiatae, petaloid monocotyledons, aromatic species; conservation issues.

Collaborative links:
Natural History Museum (London); Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew; Institut Agronomique et Veterinaire, Hassan II (Rabat, Morocco); Real Jardin Botanico de Madrid; Universidad de Sevilla (Spain); Universidad de Murcia (Spain); Instituto Botanica de Barcelona (Spain); Institut Scientifique, Rabat (Morocco)

Current research projects include:
Euro+Med PlantBase (EU network co-ordinator)
Flora of Morocco (including Darwin Initiative Project)
Flora of Lebanon (including Darwin Initiative Project)
Umbelliferae of the Iberian Peninsula
Systematics of Lavandula and Rosmarinus
Herbarium Information Systems

Other publications

Jury, S.L. The Euro+Med treatment of Hedera (Araliaceae) - recent studies and a new name. [Notulae ad floram euro-mediterraneum pertinentes
No. XX] Willdenowia
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