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Dr Michael Keith-Lucas

  • Teaching:
    Plant Ecology
    Vegetation History
    Tropical Botany
    Comparative morphology/morphogenesis
  • Research Interests:
    Woodland/tropical rainforest ecology
    Woodland history, especially prehistoric clearance
    Pollen studies on archaeological sites, in plant taxonomy, forensic sciences & allergy
  • Collaborative Links:
    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew
    Current research projects: Pollen analysis of Archaeological sites in the Thames Valley

Collins, P. E. F., Fenwick, I. M., Keith-Lucas, D. M. & Worsley, P. Late Devensian river and floodplain dynamics and related environmental change in North West Europe, with particular reference to a site at Woolhampton, Berkshire, England. S. Quat. Sci., 11, 1996, 357-375.

Figueiredo, E. & Keith-Lucas, D. M. Pollen morphology of Brachystephanus (Acanthaceae). Grana, 35, 1996, 65-73.

Keith-Lucas, D.M. Pollen analysis. In: S. Ford. Charnham Lane, Hungerford, Berkshire: Archaeological Investigations 1988-1997. Thames Valley Archaeological Services Monograph No. 1, 2002.

Keith-Lucas, D.M. Pollen analysis of sediments from Moor Farm, Staines Moor, Surrey. Surrey Archaeological Collections, 87, 2000, 85-93.

Keith-Lucas, D. M. Pollen. In: Barnes, I., Butterworth, C. A., Hawkes, J. W. & Smith L. Excavations at Thames Valley Park, Reading, 1986-88. Wessex Archaeology Report No. 14, Salisbury, 1997, 99-106.

Saw, L.G., Dransfield, J. and Keith-Lucas, D.M. Morphological diversity of the genus Licuala (Palmae). Telopea, 10(1), 2003, 187-206.

Zakaria, R. M., Dransfield, J & Keith-Lucas, D. M. Pollination biology and reproductive phenology of two wild Arenga spp. (Arecaceae) in Malaysia. Ecoprint, 6, 1999, 9-15.

Zakaria, R. M., Dransfield, J & Keith-Lucas, D. M. Population dynamics of two wild Arenga (Arecaceae) at Bukit Lagong Forest Reserves, Selangor, Malaysia. The Malaysian Forester, 62, 1999, 42-51.