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Dr Laurence Bindschedler



Within the Proteomics Unit of the :

  • Advising and guiding users and staff : Use of mass spectrometry for proteomic purposes, protein sample fractionation, Data analysis.
  • Maintenance of a nanoLC system and mass spectrometer instrumentation.
  • Setting up workflows to analyse proteomic data.
  • Coordinating the RMPMI (Reading Molecular Plant Microbe Interaction) interest group meeting.

Plant Proteomics:

I have established mass spectrometric techniques for the quantitative proteomics analysis in plants using N-15 metabolic labelling. I have an ongoing project/collaboration to establish fractionation methods to avoid the problem of high dynamic range of protein concentrations inherent to plant protein samples. Located in the proteom

Plant Pathology and Proteomics

In general terms I am interested in understanding interactions between plants and pathogens at the molecular and protein levels.

I am currently investigating the proteome of Blumeria graminis, an obligate fungal pathogen from barley. These data will be useful to annotate the genome of this newly sequenced fungus, and to understand the biotrophy of the pathogen.

I am also interested in studying proteome changes as the conscequence of active oxygen species production in plants submitted to biotic and abiotic stresses, in particular Pseudomonas syringae

Plant cell wall bionsynthesis

Secondary cell walls are the main source of cellulose and bio-fuels. To study secondary cell wall biosynthesis, I am investigated the possibility to set up a new in vitro cell culture system able to produce secondary cell walls.

Other publications

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