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Dr Evangelos Tsormpatsidis

Methods for optimizing soft fruit production-Flowering and flower physiology of fruit crops-Plant physiology- Spectral filters- Soilless culture.

Other publications:

TSORMPATSIDIS, E., ORDIDGE, M., HENBEST, WAGSTAFFE, A., BATTEY, N.H., HADLEY, P. (2011) Harvesting fruit of equivalent chronological age and fruit position shows individual effects of UV radiation on aspects of the strawberry ripening process. Environmental and Experimental Botany, in press.

TSORMPATSIDIS, E., HENBEST, R.G.C., DAVIS, F., BATTEY, N.H., HADLEY, P., WAGSTAFFE, A. (2007) The effect of UV blocking and UV transparent plastic films on Junebearing and everbearing strawberries. Proceedings of the 6th North American Strawberry Symposium, 136-140.

Career History:

I studied for a BSc in Agriculture at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki graduating in 2003. Following my BSc I studied for an MSc in Horticulture at the University of Reading graduating in 2004. Following my MSc I gained a fully funded sponsorship from British Polyethylene Industries (BPI) in 2005 to conduct my PhD (graduating in 2008) on manipulating light quality towards improving growth, development and nutritional quality of lettuce and strawberries. In this work I highlighted the significance of UV radiation, using novel cladding materials, on optimizing growth and nutritional quality aspects of lettuce and strawberries. I have been working as a Research Fellow since 2009 managing the core activities of the Soft Fruit Technology Group (SFTG) under the supervision of Professor Nicholas Battey. My current position involves linking research with industry, applying scientific approaches for improving plant and fruit quality in terms of physiology and nutritional benefits of soft fruit.