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Staff Device Replacement

This page contains information about the Staff Device Replacement project.

For general information about ordering IT equipment, please see Buying computer hardware.


About the project

What are we doing?

During financial year 2021/22 DTS will be managing a centrally funded programme to replace older staff devices with mobile devices (primarily laptops) to enable flexible working. There is limited funding for this programme and its scope is restricted to:

  • One primary device for permanent or fixed-term staff on the payroll
  • Devices from a list of standard models
  • One Surface docking station for use on campus

The funded programme will NOT cover:

  • Devices for new staff roles (i.e. for an increase in headcount)
  • Peripherals such as monitors, keyboards, mice

These should be purchased using existing channels, i.e. via XMA.

Why are we doing this?

There are several drivers for implementing a centralised device refreshment programme. The current process has led to a mixed estate of aging, non standard equipment. Cyber Security is in the top three corporate risks at University of Reading, as older and non standard equipment is difficult to patch and maintain. 

  • Sustainability: To centralise the budget and procurement of devices to achieve bulk discounts year on year and ensure the above point can be delivered. 
  • Excellence/Community: To ensure staff have the correct device for the activity they are doing and from the location they are doing it
  • Excellence/Sustainability: To ensure no member of staff has a device older than 4 years to boost productivity (ongoing 3 or 4 year refresh cycle)  
  • Sustainability: To have an accurate record of our laptop assets and recycle them efficiently  

The Staff Device Replacement project aims to standardise and centralise the procurement of devices, with the objective that after 3 or 4 years, everyone will have an up to date device which is centrally managed by DTS.

How are we doing this?

The project is concentrating on replacing the older devices in the University, and we are planning to replace around 900 during financial year 2021-22. Our analysis suggests there are around at least 1000 devices which are over 5 years old, so we will be focusing on identifying and replacing these devices first. 

Note: DTS will be proactively identifying the devices that need replacing and contacting those in scope; you do not need to contact us. 

Further information

If you have any questions, please look at the Staff Device Replacement FAQ page. This is being updated throughout the project.

If you would like to contact the project directly, please email