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Microsoft Streams

Microsoft Streams is the approved way of uploading, sharing and browsing University of Reading videos.

All University staff have access to Streams.

Videos can only be accessed by University of Reading members and can not be viewed by people without a University login.

Upload videos

Use Streams to upload video content for people to view

Share videos

Use Streams to share video content to people inside and outside the University

Explore videos

Use Streams to discover video content from different groups, channels and people at the University of Reading


An overview of Microsoft Streams. Including:

  • Trending/popular videos
  • Navigation bar
  • My Watchlist
  • Followed channels

Uploading videos with Microsoft Stream is easy and anyone can do it.

When you invite co-workers to Microsoft Stream, they can view already uploaded videos and also upload and share their own. Inviting your co-workers will help grow your library of videos and can increase productivity through cross-team and cross-organization collaboration.

You can search for content in Microsoft Stream from the top of any page with the Search box in the application bar. You can search for videos, channels, people, and browse groups.

Explore interesting content based on your company's popular and trending videos or based on search results.


What is Microsoft Stream?

Stream is an enterprise video service where people in an organization can upload, view, organize and share videos securely.

Who is Microsoft Stream intended for?

Microsoft Stream is the video management and sharing service for employees at all levels across businesses of all sizes who are interested in using videos in the workplace to connect, collaborate, learn and share information. Anyone can search for videos easily and consume them on their device, whenever and wherever.

Can I share videos with a specific person or my organization?

Yes. You can share videos within an organization or with a specific person, an O365 Group, or AD security group. Learn more about setting permissions.

Will Microsoft Stream work on mobile devices?

Microsoft Stream is available on mobile web browsers with full functionality across iOS and Android. In addition there are Microsoft Stream iOS and Android apps you can download.

Can I do live streaming from Microsoft Stream?

Yes, you can create live events across Microsoft Stream and Microsoft 365. For more information, see Live event overview.

What languages does Microsoft Stream support?

See Localize Microsoft Stream for the list of supported languages.

Can closed captions automatically be generated for uploaded videos?

Yes. Microsoft Stream currently will automatically generate a closed caption for an uploaded video if the video has the language field set and the language spoken in the video is either English or Spanish. See Generate automatic captions for more information.

How does video storage work for Microsoft Stream?

Microsoft Stream stores videos and metadata in its own service built on top of Azure. As such, it has its own storage quota for videos uploaded. Only the original videos uploaded count against the quota -- transcoded copies for adaptive streaming don't count against your quota. See Licensing overview for more information on storage.

What is the Office 365 Compliance Category for Microsoft Stream?

As of May 2019, Microsoft Stream is classified as a tier D service within the Office 365 Compliance Framework. Tier D means Stream meets compliance commitments around standards like: FERPA, ISO, EUMC, HIIPAA, SOC 1/2, FedRAMP, HITRUST, and others.

Learn more from the Office 365 Compliance framework documentation and see the specific certifications and standards that are in each tier:

What browsers does Microsoft Stream support?

Microsoft Stream supports Microsoft Edge, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11 document mode only), and the current versions of Chrome and Safari.