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Stream on SharePoint

Changes to Stream 

On 10th July 2022, Microsoft made changes to the way Stream (referred to as Stream Classic) operates. From this date, new video uploads to Stream are saved within SharePoint (referred to as Stream on SharePoint), rather than within the Stream application itself.

What are the main changes?

The storage location for recordings of Teams meetings will change (they will no longer be stored in Stream Classic). 

  • If you record a meeting that was created in a Teams channel, the recording will be stored in the SharePoint area for that Teams channel.
  • If you record a Teams meeting which was scheduled from your Calendar, the recording will be stored in your personal OneDrive
  • Videos can be uploaded through the Stream application, but they will be stored in SharePoint.
  • Meeting attendees will still be able to access the recording from a link in the meeting Chat and a recording transcript from the meeting Files. 

Is there anything I need to do?

If you are a meeting owner, or you the person making the recording, you need to be aware of these policy changes:

  • Meeting recordings will be saved for 90 days and then automatically deleted unless the meeting owner has changed the recording expiration date.   
  • The meeting owner or person recording needs to manually enable auto-captions at the time of recording to allow viewers access to this feature.
  • Recordings for Teaching and Learning are required to have a longer retention period, so the recording needs to be uploaded to Yuja before the recording expiration date 

What will happen to my existing Stream recordings? 

All recordings that already exist in Stream (for example, Teams meeting recordings and other types of video content) will eventually be migrated across to Stream on SharePoint. For the time being, existing recordings will remain on Stream and there will be no change to the video’s URL. 

Where do I find Stream?

You can find Stream on SharePoint through your homepage, or by going to

Where can I find out more?

Microsoft have a lot of information on their webpages about Stream on SharePoint and the migration from Stream Classic.

Stream (built on SharePoint), the new version of Microsoft Stream

Current features and upcoming roadmap for Microsoft Stream (on SharePoint)


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Stream on SharePoint & Yuja Learning Capture
From Academic Year 2022/23 Yuja is the approved platform for sharing teaching and learning video content.

If you currently use Stream for sharing videos to students via Blackboard, please see this link for information from TEL .