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Recording Rooms

Recording rooms provide staff with the opportunity to book a room to record personal capture videos onsite. This webpage explain how to book and use the rooms.

  • Advanced book only (See booking details below)
  • Available: From 28th September 2020
  • Location: Various rooms available around Whiteknights campus (with one at London Road)

Recording should be made using Teams Meetings.

The rooms also provide additional camera options for specific teaching requirements, explained below.

What equipment is available in the room?

The following equipment will be available in your assisted recording room:

  • PC to record the display on your desktop such as web pages, PowerPoint, MS Whiteboard, any other software application.

  • Document camera providing live full HD feed for the capture of:

    1. handwritten/drawn content
    2. printed media and 3D objects
  • Audio:

    1. Program audio (PC audio) can be captured

Please note

Colleagues must bring their own headset on the day to record spoken audio. This will ensure not only improved quality of audio recording (for transcription and accessibility purposes) but is also required for health and safety reasons.

If you have not yet been issued a University headset you should contact the Post Room at and make an appointment to collect one from them.

What do I need to bring?

Please consider the following items that you may need or wish to bring for your booked session:


  • Your own headset (USB earphones with microphone, see above for more detail);


  • Pens, including whiteboard pens.;

  • Any other stationery you need e.g. paper or notepad;

  • USB stick, with copies of the files you want to use (if you are not storing files in your Microsoft365 account).

What assistance is available for the recording rooms?

If you would like to be shown how to use any specialist AV equipment, please request this via the IT Service Desk, giving at least five days' notice, here (Self Service Portal - Place a Request - Audio Visual - Equipment Demo/Training)

If you require technical assistance whilst you are in the room, this needs to be requested as normal via the IT Service Desk. During the very busy beginning of term, we would recommend doing so via the IT Self Service Portal, using this form (Self Service Portal - User Support - Report an Incident)

If requesting support, please include the details of what you are recording and any additional devices or software you may be using.

How do I book a recording room?

Booking is through CMISGo central room booking:

Please book at least five days in advance.

Rooms available for booking

Type of recording room Rooms available
Recording Room
  • Edith Morley 189
  • Edith Morley 288
  • Archaeology 113 (book room 13 on CMISGo)
  • London Road L19, room G25
Recording room plus interactive monitor and webcam
  • Edith Morley 188
  • Blandford Lodge Repton G1
Recording room plus interactive monitor, webcam and whiteboard capture
  • Edith Morley 287

Note: rooms are for individual use so will have a limit of 1 attendee set in CMISGo. The rooms are not suitable for teaching within the current COVID-19 restrictions.

Health & Safety

You are reminded that whilst on campus it is essential that you adhere to the Health and Safety guidance for the building

Training & Guides

We have provided short informational Stream videos explaining how to use the equipment in the room and how to record your sessions.


Set Up

Start Recording

Share Content

Share PowerPoint and Web Pages

Share Document Camera

Share MS Whiteboard

Finish Recording

Microsoft Stream Find, edit and manage your videos

Naming conventions for the title of your recording

Other guides: