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Useful Voicemail Information

What is Voicemail?

The voicemail service provides users with a mailbox. This allows confidential messages to be left and retrieved at any time. It has a similar role to an answer 'phone, however there is no need for any equipment on your desk and it offers greater functionality. Your University mailbox generally has the same number as your extension.

Key features and benefits



It is menu driven and the menus are adaptive

It is simple to use and as only the menu options are presented that are relevant to what you are doing, this speeds up use

Retrieve messages from your own or any other phone

Messages can be retrieved at any time whether you are on site or working externally

Password protection

Ensures confidentiality of messages and allows you to chose who to give access to your messages

Personalised personal greeting

Welcomes callers and lets them know that they have reached the correct number. This can be changed as required
Ability to adjust the volume, and speed of messages. They can also be rewound or forwarded Makes it much easier to obtain important information from messages
Messages can be saved, repeated, deleted or copied to another mailbox Messages can be manipulated as required
Messages can be marked as urgent or private and a confirmation request or a reply can be asked for Provides further information about the status of the message
Information is recorded on the system about the message Information is recorded on the system about the message
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