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Guest Networks

The University of Reading is a member of the JANET Roaming Service (JRS), which in turn is a member of the eduroam federation. Members of the University of Reading, as well as members of institutions participating in the JANET Roaming or Eduroam are welcome to use the University's guest networks provided they agree to the University's Rules for the Use of Computers and Data Networks and the JANET Roaming Policy.

The University's guest networks can be accessed both via wired and wireless connections.

Wireless hotspots are usually indicated by posters displaying the red logo above. Users should not connect to any wireless network at the University of Reading other than the ones listed on this page, unless instructed to do so by their School or Department.

Wired connections for guest access are marked with the blue logo above. Users are reminded that they should not connect to any wired Ethernet port without first ensuring it is intended either for guest access or is part of the network for the School or Department to which they belong.

It is strongly recommended that all users connecting to a guest network via wireless Ethernet use the eduroam service if their device supports it. Most laptop computers and PDAs manufactured since 2002 can support the requirements for this network. The minimum requirement for this network is:

  • Support for IEEE 802.11b or 802.11g wireless Ethernet
  • Support for WPA or WPA2 encryption - requires latest patches on Windows XP
  • Support for IEEE 802.1x authentication

There is also a wireless service available using web-based authentication. Use of the service is not recommended, however it is provided for those users who have devices that do not meet the requirements for connecting to the eduroam service.

The wireless network names (SSIDs) for the guest networks at the University of Reading are:

Network Name (SSID) Encryption / Authentication Description
eduroam WPA or WPA2 / IEEE 802.1x JANET Roaming / eduroam service (preferred)
UoR-Guest WPA2 / web-based Legacy guest network (not recommended for staff and student use)
UoR-Setup Setup SSID


To connect to the Wi-Fi network, please visit Configuring WiFi

When visiting a participating institution using JANET Roaming or eduroam, users will be able to access the Internet, including the usual services provided by their home institution. For University of Reading users, this includes access to Blackboard, Timetables, Webmail, Netdrive and VPN.

Users from other JANET Roaming or eduroam enabled sites who are visiting the University of Reading will be able to access the Internet and selected University resources. A full list of the supported services is available here.

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