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What are digital capabilities?

We can think about Digital Capabilites in two ways:

  • Individual Digital Capabilities are the skills which "equip someone to live, learn and work in a digital society" (Jisc 2023)
  • Organisational Digital Capabilities are the ways in which "the culture and infrastructure of an institution enables and motivates digital practices" (Jisc 2023)

Why does it matter?

Developing our digital capabilities impacts many aspects of our lives, not only our working lives.  For example, it's becoming more common to use mobile banking apps, with some functions no longer available in branch or even using a web browser. Consider how digitally capable you need to be in order to set up and manage your bank accounts through a mobile app: from setting a secure passcode to your phone, to using multi-factor authentication to log into the app itself, awareness of potential phishing scams, and the ability to use the app's help features to complete functions such as checking your balance or paying a bill.

Individual Digital Capabilities Framework

The Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework was developed to support the development of your digital skills as an individual. 

Digital proficiency and productivity

The ability to use and select digital devices, tools and skills to accomplish tasks

Digital creation, problem-solving and innovation

Using digital tools to analyse data, create content, solve problems and answer questions - and the willingness to try new practices and technologies

Digital learning and development 

Using digital tools to create and deliver teaching material, and to develop your own learning

Digital identify and wellbeing

The ability to manage your identity and personal data online, and understand the impact, risks and benefits of online tools and services

Information, data, and media literacies

 The capacity to find, organise and use information and data - and understanding of digital media as a tool to share and receive information.

Digital communication, collaboration and participation

Understanding features of different digital media and how they might support communication, collaboration and networking in work and home life as appropriate 

You can download the full framework (PDF) from the Jisc Digital Capabilities Framework webpages.

Role Profiles

The framework can be applied differently depending on your role. Jisc have created a set of role profiles to provide examples of the kinds of skills and attributes appropriate to your level of study, or role at the University.

Organisational Digital Capabilities

The Jisc definition of organisational digital capabilities includes the provision and continuing development of institutional culture and infrastructure. This may include staff development and training, provision of up to date equipment and tools, and general guidance and governance of data and information.

The University's Digital Strategy states that supporting staff to develop digital capabilities is key component of the ongoing digital transformation work. 


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