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Device Lifecycle SLA

Service Level Agreement

We have put together a Service Level Agreement detailing what you can expect from us, and what we need you to do to ensure a smooth and successful delivery.

Our commitment to you (function, department or individual customer):

  • We will assist you with the best use of IT for your specific needs
  • We will provide a demonstration of the equipment available to order if required
  • We will order all equipment which is in scope as part of DLP (device lifecycle programme)
  • We will offer advice for any equipment you will need to order as it is outside the scope of the the DLP (device lifecycle programme)
  • We will give you a ticket number so you can follow progress and check what has been agreed
  • We will setup and configure devices and equipment to mirror your previous device (as far as we are able)
  • We will install any software required to mirror your previous device (as far as we are able)
  • We will provide a checklist for each setup to make sure nothing is missed out and the scope is agreed beforehand
  • We will offer a direct dedicated line of communication via Teams chat throughout the project

Your (function, department or individual customer) commitment to us:

  • You will provide a full scope of work required, along with all staff and numbered hot desks if applicable
  • You will provide a list of key contacts and participate in the Teams chat
  • You will order and store equipment not covered by DLP (device lifecycle programme) remit
  • You will deliver equipment ordered by yourselves to the appropriate staff when process starts
  • You will ensure customer desks are cleaned before setup and personal items are removed to a safe place (if monitor or desk configuration changes are scheduled)
  • You will provide suitable temporary office space for DLP technicians to setup and store devices we have ordered prior to setup
  • You will dispose of any boxes or packaging related to the upgrade
  • You will dispose of any equipment which is not able to be reused
  • You will provide feedback at the end of project for lessons learned
  • You will formally sign off project as completed successfully as per scope of work
  • Once the project is signed off, you will raise any issues with the BAU (Business As Usual) support teams via the IT Service Desk

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