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How to get started with OOCs as an academic

How do I get started if I'm an academic and have an idea for a course?

If you have an idea for a new course we'd love to hear from you.

Please contact either:

Dr Matthew Nicholls, OOC Director


Nicky McGirr, OOC Project Manager

Before you talk to Matthew or Nicky, You may find the following helpful:

Read more about OOCs

We’ve put together a pdf with some further information about OOCs including terminology and course design.

Read the OOC proposal form

Before you talk to us you may want to look at our proposal form that shows the information you would need to supply in a business case.

Please make sure you have also completed the following tasks:

  • Discuss your proposed project and receive approval from your Head of Department/School to go ahead with it.;
  • Complete your OOC Business Case Proposal document