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Learning Design (for Mobile Learning)

The TEL team work with Schools and Departments to create an effective mobile learning design to implement within all courses and programmes.

We are able to recommend apps which could benefit students, offer advice and considerations to take into account when designing the curriculum to make sure mobile learning enhances a student's experience ,

and offer training and guidance on how to use the technology.


When adding mobile design into a course or programme, it is important to consider the following to ensure every student gets the most out of the learning experience:

  • Content plan: Understanding how each chunk on mobile learning fits into the whole curriculum
  • Blended learning: Putting the right amount of content online for mobile learning, and keeping user experience in mind due to screen sizes
  • File size: Considering whether students will have access to WiFi to access large media files on their mobile devices
  • Accessible on all devices: Keeping in mind all devices are different sizes; some come with smaller screens.