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About Mobile Learning

As the majority of our students at the University of Reading are digital natives, we have introduced technology through mobile apps to enhance their learning.

Mobile learning strengthens the communication between a student and their School and tutor, as they are now able to receive announcements on the go. Having access to course material on a smart phone also means that a student is able to strengthen their learning no matter where they are.

The TEL team work with students and academic staff to ensure everyone gets the most out of mobile learning within the curriculum.


Introducing mobile learning into a course or programme comes with many benefits, for both student and tutor. These include:

  • Flexibility: Students’ ability to access online learning materials and activities are increased with the opportunity to engage in different environments – both inside and outside of the classroom
  • Communication and organisation: Students’ awareness of course activity is improved when they enable push notifications for real-time updates
  • Interaction: Students’ ability to participate in online activities is extended using discussion boards, video conferencing tools and mobile friendly tests.