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Teaching Large Groups

With studies increasingly suggesting the traditional lecture setting isn't the most effective way of learning, the University of Reading is committed to teaching large groups in a dynamic and engaging way.

By bringing technology into the large group format, students are given the opportunity to be actively involved in their learning and are able to use devices to gain a deeper understanding of concepts they are taught.

There are many ways to effectively bring technology into a large group teaching method, and TEL works with Schools and Departments to ensure students are getting the most out of every programme the University offers.


There are a variety of ways to bring technology into teaching large groups to strengthen the learning of our students, including:

  • The flipped classroom: Encourages students to carry out the lecture aspect of the teaching at home via technology, so they can do assignments within their set classroom learning periods
  • The peer instruction process: Designed to deepen a student's understanding of a concept, the tutor poses a question which is then discussed in small groups and answered using technological devices
  • Team-based learning: Students study set material in a virtual learning environment before the class, then participate in a multiple choice quiz using student response system technology within the lecture hall.
  • Backchannel communication: An online space for communication is open to students to enforce teaching from within a lecture or presentation, where they can ask questions and discuss learning concepts with their peers.