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Enquiry and problem-based learning

Students are encouraged to learn by doing within the enquiry and problem-based learning methods, as they are given an open ended question with the instructions to find a solution.

The problem given is related to the course they are studying, and they are given access to technology to find an answer through research and self-guided learning with teachers acting as facilitators.

This way of teaching and learning encourages a more active approach and an increased level of participation from students, as they are given the resources to seek out the outcome rather than given the question and the answer as demonstrated within a traditional lecture setting.


Enquiry and problem-based learning is centred on the following:

  • Learning driven by questions and problems, and stimulated by enquiries
  • Based on a process of seeking knowledge and new understanding using technology
  • Learning-centred approach, where the role of the teacher is to act as a facilitator
  • Students take responsibility for their learning and development
  • An active approach to learning