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Technology is used in our courses and programmes to enhance teaching, learning and assessment, so we are committed to making sure all students are comfortable and confident with the technology they must use during their education here.

Our academic staff are responsible for making sure their students understand how to use the technology implemented within their course, and are required to offer assistance and support to students where needed.

The University of Reading is dedicated to including every student in the engagement of their course materials.


Academic staff are able to make sure all students are included in the technology used within the curriculum design by doing the following:

  • Planning: Making sure course materials are online to help students prepare for their learning, and ensuring materials are visually clear and accessible
  • Teaching: Giving visual and verbal instructions with information relaying, and using a variety of teaching methods to accommodate all students
  • Assessment: Allowing flexibility in how students demonstrate their knowledge, and supporting students in the assessment process with clear guidance and organisation
  • Discussion: Being aware of all support students have access to, and talking to students about the best approaches for them.