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Ms Maria Papaefthimiou

To promote, develop and support the use of TEL across the University. This includes designing and delivering a programme of professional development activities and online resources to enable all staff to make effective use of TEL in their practice. I also guide and support individual colleagues and academic teams in their development of use of TEL within academic programmes and modules, and teach on the APP.

I have been working at the University since Dec 2000 in the area of TEL taking on different responsibilities from supporting academics to use Blackboard, to delivering training and workshops on the use of technology, and to managing large institutional HEA/JISC funded projects to promote and embed the use of technology in teaching practice. One of the projects (Digitally Ready, 2011-2013) has helped to inform the University's current TEL plans.

I have been coordinating the School eLearning Coordinators, organising the TEL Showcases and assisting academic colleagues with TLDF projects, mentoring for the UTFS and NTFS, and tutoring on the Academic Practice Programme.

M.A. in Information and Communications Technology in Education (2001)
M.Sc. (Econ) in Operational Research (1989)
B.Sc. in Mathematics (1987)

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Recent presentations:
The Making Assessment Count (MAC) framework: A cross-institutional evaluation, ALT-C 2013, Nottingham, Sept 2013

Students as partners: expectations, challenges and real-world gains, ALT-C 2013, Nottingham, Sept 2013

Evaluation of a framework for action on feedback - Making Assessment Count, ALT-C 2012, Manchester, September 2012.

ePorfolio matters: E-portfolios: The Ideals of Reflection and the Reality of Support - A case study ALT-C 2012, Manchester, September 2012 (with G Pursey, et al.)

The Making Assessment Count (MAC) Consortium - Maximising Assessment & Feedback Design by Working Together. (ALT-C 2011, Leeds, Sept 2011)

Moving from Quality Assurance to Quality Enhancement: A Toolkit for Technology Enhanced Learning (ALT-C 2011, Leeds, Sept 2011)

Curriculum Design: An approach for successfully embedding Technology Enhanced Learning in the curriculum (ALT-C 2011, Leeds, Sept 2011)

Designing the curriculum: from innovation to enhancement

International Blended Learning Conference 2011, Hertfordshire, Jun 2011