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Dr Clare McCullagh

I'm Programme Director for the APP (Academic Practice Programme) which is the taught route within Reading's Advance HE accredited FLAIR Framework, and Programme Director for the PGCAP (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice). As part of my work to promote the quality of learning and teaching across the University I'm also a mentor and assessor for Fellowship applications via Reading's CPD scheme within the FLAIR Framework. In addition to our Reading campus I support colleagues at our Malaysia campus and at our NUIST-Reading Academy in China. At sector level, I've worked as an accreditor for Advance HE, and External Examiner for UK and international accredited programmes. I’m a University Teaching Fellow and an HEA Senior Fellow.



I'm an experienced teacher, with a background in English language teaching, joining Reading as an EAP lecturer in ISLI (which was then CALS) preparing international students for study in the UK. I became an early advocate of technology enhanced learning, leading to an MA in educational technology and language learning and then moved into language teacher training. My current role, supporting colleagues internationally as well as at Reading, enables me to draw on my varied expertise and combine my interests relating to teaching: promoting a culture where everyone cares about and invests in good teaching, and staff are recognised and rewarded for this.

  • Staff development, internationalization of the curriculum and the international student experience, technology enhanced learning,gender.


Recent publications, presentations and workshops

Buckingham, A. & McCullagh, C. (2021). 'Using Loop Input for effective blended learning on an academic practice programme'. Educational Developments. 22(2): 6-9.


Walking the walk: Using loop input for effective blended learning on an academic practice programme for new lecturerspresentation at the SEDA Autumn Conference 2019 'New frontiers in educational and curriculum development' 14-15 November, Leeds, with Angela Buckingham


Whose Values? Using the UKPSF to deliver effective staff development programmes in international contexts: presentation at the HEA Annual Conference 2018 'Teaching in the spotlight: Learning from global communities', 4 July at Aston Conference Centre, with Angela Buckingham


Mara, M. & McCullagh, C. (2018). ‘Feeling able ot say it like it is: A case for using focus groups in programme evaluation with international cohorts’. The International Journal of Management Education, 16(1): 63-79.


Feeling able to say it like it is: a case for using focus groups in programme evaluation: presentation at the HEA Annual Conference 2017 'Generation TEF: Teaching in the Spotlight', 6 July at Aston Conference Centre


Going Above and Beyond: keynote at the HEA Beyond Fellowship Conference, Birmingham, 21 June 2016, with Dr Eileen Hyder and Cherry Bennett


Exploring D3-ness for Senior Fellowship: workshop at the HEA Accreditor Symposium 2015 'Inspiring Teaching, Transforming Learning: the power and potential of the UKPSF', 10th June, Birmingham


Being in your students' shoes: learning from peer assessment: presentation atLiverpool John Moores University Teaching and Learning Conference, 17th June 2015, with Dr Nina Brooke


Achieving an Institutional Vision for CPD: the University of Reading's Journey: presentation at ASPIRE Symposium, University of Exeter, 13 September 2013, with Dr Nina Brooke


McCullagh, C. (2011) Case Study for ASSET publication: 'Talking about writing: exploring the use of audio feedback in EAP writing classes' in 'Media Enhanced Feedback case studies and methods' (pp. 2-6) Available from feedback proceedings-final.pdf


Papaefthimiou, M., McCullagh, C. & Bird, R. (2008). 'Driving institutional reform: a framework for instigating change with technology'. In Proceedings of World Conference on Educational Multimedia, Hypermedia and Telecommunications 2008 (pp. 803-810). Chesapeake, VA: AACE. Available from