APP: School Endorsed Participants

All entrants to the PGCAP or modules therein must be teaching and supporting learning in a Higher Education context, i.e. programmes of study evidenced in your assessments must be equivalent to at least level 4 or above within the Framework for Higher Education Qualifications (PDF, 248KB).

It is important to note that the Academic Practice Programme is a practice-based programme which means that in order to successfully engage with the taught element you must be involved in current teaching activities which will extend beyond laboratory demonstrating. The assessment is based on current teaching and involves a peer review of teaching, the design of a session plan with student feedback and a reflective rationale. Therefore a sufficient, appropriate, guaranteed and current teaching remit for at least the spring term must be in place in order to successfully engage with the assessment tasks.

We would usually say that those enrolling on EDMAP1 should expect to have an allocation of at least 20 hours of teaching responsibilities and would normally be expected to be directly involved in most of the following:

  • design and delivery (i.e. teaching) of individual classes appropriate to the discipline (e.g. lectures, tutorials, seminars, labs, workshops, webinars etc.)
  • assessment of student work including the setting of assessments, marking and giving feedback to students
  • design of a coherent sequence of teaching/student learning events (e.g. module, unit or equivalent) delivered by you and/or others
  • provision of academic and pastoral support to students at different stages of their degree.

It is important to understand the commitment which the programme and modules therein demand. EDMAP1 leads to Associate Fellowship of the HEA and is also a 10 credit Level 7 module which should equate to a commitment of 100 hours of related activities.

There is also a commitment to be made from the School and or Department in the local support and mentoring which will need to be provided. All participants of the APP or modules therein will require a mentor from the School/Department who will support them with their development and with the work associated with the APP.

For those interested in participating on the APP (usually EDMAP1 only) who are not contractually required to do, so we will be seeking an endorsement from the relevant Head of School/Department which will commit to the following;

  • That there is a considered agreement which will support the participation of the applicant on the taught accredited programme, and ensure that any existing workload is taken into consideration to allow for the additional commitment and demand from the programme or modules therein.
  • Confirmation of a Mentor who will be in a position to support the work associated with the APP.
  • Confirmation that the applicant is able to attend all four taught dates for EDMAP1.

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