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Combinatorics @ Reading

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Combinatorics at Reading

Anthony Hilton - Emeritus Professor at Reading and Professorial Research Fellow at Queen Mary, University of London.
David Daykin - retired.
Postgraduate students - Claire Spencer and John Gauci (Part Time)

A Brief History
The following is a (probably incomplete) list of people who have been at Reading for a period. Any omissions are inadvertent, and we would welcome any corrections or comments.

The faculty members who published at least one paper in Combinatorics were (in order of appointment): The following had temporary positions at Reading or gave at least one lecture course (for which they may or may not have been remunerated) and published at least some combinatorial papers.
  • David Klarner
  • P.D. Johnson, Jr. (Auburn University)
  • Jo Heath (Auburn University)
  • Douglas Rogers
  • Brian Wilson
  • Robin Wilson
The following visited the department for periods of at least one month.
  • Paul Erdös
  • A. Hajnal
  • Herbert Fleischner
  • Gerry Paul
  • H.H. Teh
  • C.C. Chen
  • C.K. Lim
  • Adrian Bondy
  • Bob Hemminger
  • Joel Spencer
  • G. Zaverdinos
  • Peter Frankl
  • J. Wojciechowski
  • Robin Thomas
  • Ian Anderson
  • Helge Tverberg
The following had post-doctoral positions in the department:
  • Hugh Hind
  • Cheng Zhao (Indiana State University, Terre Haute)
  • Bill Jackson (Queen Mary, University of London)
  • Ron Aharoni (Tel Aviv)
  • Dragan Marusic (Ljubljana)
The following were post graduate students in the department:
  • C.A. Rodger (Auburn University)
  • L.D. Andersen (Aalborg University)
  • D. Marusic
  • S.A. Allen (Cardiff University)
  • Dina Apostolidou
  • George Purdy
  • Matthew Johnson (Durham University)
  • Matthew Henderson (Swansea University)
  • S.H. Scott
  • C.S. Edwards
  • Irene Sciriha
The following were regular attendees at seminars in the department at some period.
  • Norman Biggs
  • Donald Keedwell
  • Peter Owens
  • Brian Wilson
  • John Shawe-Taylor
  • Neil Robertson

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