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Rosie Mack

Rosie (Rosanagh) Mack
PhD Student (part-time)

My research topic concerns the relationship between man and horse in ancient Greece. I am examining a wide range of evidence in order to discern different attitudes to the horse from birth to death. I am particularly interested in exploring the variations in regional approaches to the horse.

This research benefits from my professional knowledge and experience. For over forty years I have worked with horses in a wide range of equestrian fields, including dressage, jumping, racing, and breeding. This included training horses and riders, and competing, in both the UK and Denmark.

I have always held a strong interest in the ancient world which led me to study part-time with the Open University for a BA (Hons.) in Humanities with Classical Studies (2011), and and MA in Classical Studies (2014).

Upcoming conference papers:

Zoographein: Depicting and describing animals in ancient Greece, Rome, and beyond. Cornell University, Ithaca, NY. 8th-10th September 2017. 'Celebrating horse breeding on the coinage of Larisa in the fourth century B.C.'


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