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Nathalie Choubineh

Nathalie Choubineh
Doctoral Researcher / Student Curator

PhD Research:

I'm basically interested in studies on challenges facing women while encountering restrictive codes exercised through customs, traditions, and/or socio-political systems in various cultures. This interest encourages me to make critical observations and analyses on a whole range of interactions between femininity, in the sense of being a female, from the one hand, and the fundamental institutions effective in construction of civilizations, namely social, political, and religious entities, from the other.

What I'm doing in the field of research is to follow any issue that shows a kind of relevance to the above interactions. Narrowing down this apparently boundless area of inquiry to a PhD thesis that also contains specific features of the career I'm hoping for in museum curatorship results in a project on females performing rites and rituals as depicted on fourth century Greek vases. I believe that the challenges grounded in cultural changes, plenty of which are traceable in the universally interactive and constantly alternating world of late Classical-early Hellenistic societies, find observable expressions in the ways people dress and use decorative or practical accessories. Therefore, I'm working on those images that are visualizing emotional and expressive discourses of female life through clothes, accessories, embellishments, and hair-styles as composed in, and related to, a context of sacred and/or secular practices.

Other Areas of Interest:

History and archaeology imbued with a strong essence of extensive, though cautiously evaluated, anthropological comparisons comprise my methodology and general approach. I spend a good amount of stress on the causes and effects grounded in ideologies and believing systems. Literature, drama, music and performing arts are considered essential in understanding a culture in depth, as I perceive art forms and artistic contents as direct and sincere reflections of collective mind and conscience. I also tend to include philosophical and psychological insights in my critical assessments. And of course, far from being particularly nationalistic, I'm naturally inclined to explore any track of Persian influence revealed in intercultural exchanges across the ancient world.


I earned my first BA in English Language and Literature at the University of Tehran, Iran. I started a career in translation, from English and German to Persian, as a freelancer shortly afterwards. With my first book published in 1998, there are now something between 35 to 40 published volumes listed in my resume. A partial list of my works can be found on the website of the National Library and Archives of I.R. Iran.

Added to this are hundreds of articles published in various Iranian periodicals with my translation.

My second BA is in Music. I worked as a translator and researcher with the Mahoor Institute of Culture and Art in Tehran, Iran, from 1998, covering musical subject areas such as musicology, ethnomusicology, history of music, and musical studies of the Middle East, Asia and Africa. Fortunately, their website does have an English version:

I've been living in the UK since 2009. In 2012, I started working as an interpreter and studying for my MA in the Classical Mediterranean Civilizations, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester. In 2013, I worked as a cataloguer in the British Library for a short period, and the year after that finished my masters.

In March 2014, I became a member of the Iranian Institute of Anthropology and Culture, IIAC, starting my collaboration in writing articles to get published on their website on a monthly basis. I am now in charge of the Department of Greece and Rome in this institution. The web page of this research group can be retrieved through: greece roman

Here is a selection of my articles (in Persian) published to this website:

* Ten Thousand on Route: Geographical survey of Xenophon's historical report of Cyrus the Younger's expedition, 16 June 2014;

* Women on Women: A critical look at the biographies of Cornelia Africana by feminist writers (in four parts), 12 August (part 1), 10 September (part 2), 8 October (part 3), 11 November (part 4) 2014;

* An introduction to the Greece and Rome Research Group. Part one: the Greek culture, 10 December 2014.


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