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Maria Lloyd

Maria Lloyd
PhD Student

I have completed my BA Ancient History and MA City of Rome degrees at Reading University, where I have now started my PhD course.

I am particularly interested in the Severan dynasty, which, among other things, consisted of some of the most fascinating and racially diverse emperors; Septimius Severus was referred to by A. Birley as 'The African Emperor'. The diverse origins of the Severan emperors have the potential to provide some interesting results for my PhD research, which is going to focus upon Severan propaganda, specifically in Rome, North Africa and the Cilicia region. The media I will use include numismatic evidence, building programmes and epigraphic evidence.

I am also passionate about working in museums, since it is fascinating to see their different focuses and yet the similarities between them. So far I have had experiences in museums from the Han Yang Ling Museum in China to the British Museum, although I am currently at the Ashmolean Museum.

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