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Lee Grana Nicolaou


PhD Student

My general areas of interest are Ancient History and Archaeology with a focus on Ichthyoarchaeology for the Roman period.

Other interests include:

  • Experimental archaeology: tool reproduction, flint knapping and metal working.
  • Field archaeology: Over 30 months digging experience.
  • Fishing

PhD Research

I believe an interdisciplinary approach is essential for advancing in the study of ancient fisheries. Ichthyology, archaeology and anthropology are key for suggesting the processes involved in the exploitation of marine resources in the past. It is indeed a benefit to the study of the Roman fisheries that we have the addition of a literary record, yet to solely rely on these scarce sources can only provide us with a diminutive sample of what we are beginning to see as an industrial scale exploitation. To be sure, the Roman success in the enhancement of a once subsistence-based exploitation is visible in the imprint it left on later societies and civilizations, some methods of capture persisting almost unchanged until the 20th century. An ethnographic approach may therefore prove fruitful and the voices of living fishermen clear echoes of our ancestors, but with the dangers of modern reorganisations of our fisheries we are swiftly loosing that history. I hope to revive this link to our past and in doing so cast light on the Roman exploitation of fish.


  • BA Joint Honours Ancient History and Archaeology: University of Reading
  • MA Ancient History and Archaeology: University of Leicester

After graduating I spent a year as an apprentice black smith working with Dr. David Sim and replicating ancient arms and armour for publication. My own work includes an analysis of the falcata (Iberian sword): the fullering process and its significance in determining the fighting styles of the Iberians during the Roman occupation.

I have worked as an archaeologist at Silchester field school of archaeology for five years; I have also excavated with the University of Leicester at the site of Santa Maria D'Agnano, Ostuni (Italy); and over the last two years I have worked as a commercial archaeologist for Oxford Archaeology South commercial unit, excavating across Southern Britain from St Austell (Cornwall) to Hampton Court Palace (London) and recording archaeology spanning a period of five thousand years.

I speak Castilian and Galician and have done some work as a translator for Arqueotur (


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