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Jessica Nicole Feito

Jessica Nicole Feito

Doctoral Researcher


I completed my BA in Classics and Archaeology at the George Washington University in Washington DC, and a few years later I received my MSc from the University of Edinburgh in Classical Art and Archaeology. In addition, I have spent several seasons excavating around the Mediterranean as well as in the U.S, working on various archaeological sites throughout Israel, Italy, and Greece.

I discovered my passion for food and dining in the ancient world while working toward my BA, and have catered most of my work so as to relate to such topics ever since. My MA thesis was on dietary diversity in the north of Roman Britain, and now for my PhD research I intend to take this to a larger scale by considering dietary diversity throughout to Roman empire. I will focus on regional variation in diet, and hope to bring attention to the Roman east and areas that have been less studied in terms of foodways, while also considering more westerly provinces in light of the already prolific scholarship on diet in these areas. As such, I will utilize a range of different materials, with archaeological, particularly archaeobotanical, evidence being of primary importance. Such a topic has valuable implications for questions relating to the relationship between food and culture, culture contact, as well as consumption and the roman economy.

More general areas of interest include: foodways, Roman archaeology, archaeobotany, food in the ancient world, consumption, cultural interaction, the ancient diet, as well as archaeological photography, 3D modelling and reconstruction, museums and public outreach, and cultural heritage.


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