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James Lloyd

James Lloyd
Doctoral Reseacher

Areas of Interest:

My main area of interest is Ancient Greek Music. My Phd is funded by the AHRC through the SWW-DTP consortium, the working title is: 'Music and Ritual in Ancient Sparta: the lead votive figurines of the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia'. I am co-supervised by Prof. Ian Rutherford, and Prof. Lynette Mitchell (Exeter). My research will explore how ritual music can be traced and be seen to develop at the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia, primarily through the study of the lead votive figurines found there, but also through surviving fragments of musical instruments and texts. During my first year I will be compiling detailed catalogues of the lead figurines, and undertaking Pb isotope analysis of them, in order to try and ascertain where the lead that was used to make them came from, in order to better understand their value as votive objects.

Of particular interest is explaining the appearance of cymbals in the material culture at the Sanctuary of Artemis Orthia during the 5th century. This will require a broader study into the role and representation of cymbals in Greek culture more generally.

Other areas of interests include the 3D scanning and printing of heritage objects, which I am involved with at the Ure Museum. I am currently involved in a project to create a set of 3D models to be used as teaching-aids. I am also learning to play the aulos, using a replica of the Louvre aulos. Additionally, I am involved with the SWW-DTP research clusters on Pre-modern Encounters, and Gender and Sexuality. I am also in the process of creating a website on ancient Greek music.


Before coming to Reading I completed my BA in Hellenic Studies with Archaeology, and my MA in Classics and Ancient History, at the University of Exeter.

Conference Papers:

UWICAH Postgraduate 2014 conference: 'Zeus' Leadership: Archaic Constructs of Legitimate Rule.'

Upcoming Conference Papers:

Skilled Labour and Professionalism in Ancient Greece and Rome, the University of Nottingham, 29th & 30th of June 2016: 'Auletrides as Professional Musicians in Ancient Greece.'


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