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Dr Rachel Mairs
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Lecturer in Classics
  • Languages Co-ordinator
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UG Teaching 

CL3HW Alexander to Cleopatra: Hellenistic History and Culture; CL2RO Roman History from Republic to Empire (co-taught with Dr Annalisa Marzano)


Before coming to Reading, I worked at Brown University, the University of Oxford and New York University. My PhD was from the University of Cambridge.

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Areas of Interest:
I'm interested, broadly speaking, in the interaction between Greeks and 'non-Greeks' in the Hellenistic world, with a particular emphasis on Egypt and on Central Asia. My PhD was on ethnic identity in the 'Hellenistic Far East' (Bactria-Sogdiana, Arachosia and India). I have published a guide to the archaeological literature on the region (and plan to update it periodically) and have a more specialist monograph on Archaeology, Language and Identity in Greek Central Asia in preparation. I also work extensively on ancient multilingualism, especially Greek-Egyptian, and am involved in a collaborative project on Interpreters of Foreign Languages in the Ancient World.
Research groups / Centres:

Research Interests

Multilingualism, ethnicity, cultural interaction, papyrology, epigraphy, Hellenistic Egypt, Bactria and India.
Current Projects

My new book 'The Hellenistic Far East: Archaeology, Language and Identity in Greek Central Asia' will be published by the University of California Press. I'm also working on a co-authored book on interpreters of foreign languages in the ancient world, and am involved in archaeological fieldwork projects in Egypt and Jordan.

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