Previous and Current 4+1 Students and Projects

Graduates from NUIST have been studying on the 4+1 programme since 2010. Here is a list of some of the research topics and supervisors:


Wai Cao and Ye Lu


Dr John McKendrick, "Ring Rearrangement Metathesis for the Synthesis of Multi-Ring Carbocycles" Wei Cao

Dr Geoff Brown/Dr Andy Russell, "The Biosynthesis of Artemisinin" Ye Lu



                                                                                           Wei Cao and Ye Lu

CAF photos


Professor Matthew Almond, "Analysis of Soil Sample From Polluted Mining Areas" Yuan Yuan Wang

Dr Andy Russell, "Alkene-Arene meta-Photocycloaddition: Computational and Preparative Aspects", Long Chen

                                                                                    Long Chen and Yuan Yuan Wang


Lu Fei and Liu Kai

2012-2013   4 + 1 Students

Professor Laurence Harwood, "Synthetic studies on Thiamorpholinones" Rui Gu

Professor Howard Colquhoun, "Tweezer Molecules for Molecular Information Processing" Fei Lu,

Dr Christian Pfrang/Professor George Marston, "Studies of Atmospheric Aerosols" Cheng Yuan,

Dr John McKendrick, "Investigation of the Enzymatic Transformation of Pepticlyl Cyclopropenones", Kai Liu


                                                                                                         Fei Lu and Kai Liu



2012-2013   4 + 1 Students 

Fei Lu, Cheng Yuan and Kai Liu and Rui Gu




















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Dr Geoff Brown

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Dr Adam Squires

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Catherine O'Hare

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